Liesl van der Hoven
Liesl van der Hoven

About Liesl

I combine my love of stories, philosophy, meditation and yoga to create resources and products that mindfully nurture all aspects of a child’s being.

I have always been a deep thinker. A wonderer. A wanderer on life’s path. A creator too, but it is the things I think about that inspires me to make.

My love of creating led me to study graphic design, and my love of pondering led me to study philosophy. As a student, I discovered yoga, and fell in love with a practice that would lead me to qualify as a children’s yoga teacher many years later.

Along my path I discovered the simple, yet complex magic of children’s books. This inspired me to try my hand at creating stories and pictures for children myself. Then I played with fabric and saw my illustrations come to life in three dimensions. This provided me with a new way of creating characters for my stories.

In 2017, two important things happened: I became friends with play therapist Lenka, and I decided to deepen my mindfulness practice through regular meditation.

Meeting Lenka made me aware of how I could create stories with supportive messages that help children when they are feeling strong emotions. She helped me discover the joy that comes from working with like minded souls and we still love creating things together to this day.

My meditation practice made me wonder if I could create meditations for children. I tried and I found that I loved deepening my work for children through the elements of emotional support and mindfulness.

In October 2019, my heart started whispering to me that my business needed to grow in a new direction. Fairy Caravan, the children’s book, toy and decor business that I had started in 2012, needed to change. The name no longer fit the work that I wanted to do. I wanted to focus more on mindfulness and on creating meditations and stories that provide emotional support for children.

The limitations that were placed on us all during the pandemic provided me with a lot of time to think. To wonder about what is next. To look back on my path and to choose what I will take with me on the next part of my journey.

After a lot of contemplation, I’ve realised that only one thing has ever made me happy: following my heart. And so, in choosing to follow my heart and focusing on the value that mindfulness has for children, I offer you what I am creating from my heart.

About Lenka

When I met play therapist Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl in 2017, we became friends immediately, and together we started dreaming about creating stories with helpful messages for children.

A year later Lenka and I published our first children's book together. We called it What if worries weren't wild, and our book contains lots of exercises to help children with anxiety.

Since then we have created many stories, meditations and downloadable exercises together, and we hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our website and that you will find plenty of things that will help and inspire your little one(s)!

Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl
Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl