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About us

My name is Liesl van der Hoven. I am an artist and author. I am also a children's yoga and meditation teacher – and the owner of Here, your Heart.

I have a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Stellenbosch University. I’ve also studied Graphic Design and completed several courses in children’s book writing and illustration.

When I first started this business in 2012, I called it "Fairy Caravan", inspired by a Beatrix Potter book title. Back then I could never have dreamed of all of the amazing friends that I would make or the opportunities that would present themselves to me.

All I thought I wanted to do when I first started out on this journey, was to write and illustrate stories for children. But along the way, I got called to do so much more.

At the beginning of 2017, I re-connected with my own mindfulness practice, and discovered the Insight Timer app. On a whim I recorded and shared my first meditation on this app, and almost by accident I became a creator of meditations for children!

Once my interest in mindfulness piqued, I became a voracious reader and student of all things mindful and meditation, to equip myself with the knowledge to share with children and their parents. I could immediately see the value of mindfulness for young children. Since then, my work with children has confirmed this value beyond any doubt.

I always want to be someone who "practices what they preach", which is why daily meditation is important to me. I'm also committed to my regular personal yoga practice, which I had neglected in the early years of starting my own business. In mid-2020 I qualified as a children's yoga teacher.


When I met play therapist Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl in 2017, we became friends immediately, and together we started dreaming about creating stories with helpful messages for children.

A year later Lenka and I published our first children's book together. We called it What if worries weren't wild, and our book contains lots of helpful exercises to help children with anxiety.

Since then we have created many stories, meditations and downloadable exercises together, and we hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our website and that you will find plenty of things that will help and inspire the little one(s) in your life!

Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl
Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl