Try our new meditations for children!

Try our new meditations for children!

In August I created 3 new meditations for children and a meditation story that you will find on Insight Timer.

What is Insight Timer?

Insight Timer is a smartphone app and online community for people who enjoy meditation. The app features guided meditations, music and talks posted by contributing experts. With more than 7 million users from across the world, it is the most popular meditation app in the world today.

I started sharing meditations for children on Insight Timer in 2017. While I was focussing on creating my book, I did not have much time to create many more meditations for Insight Timer. Nevertheless I added a new recording whenever I could.

The pandemic and the restrictions associated with lockdown we experienced this year, forced me to consider ways in which I could share my work with the world without needing to send physical products. I made the shift to creating more digital products, and right now I am really enjoying creating new meditations.

From writing stories to writing meditations

I find the process of creating a new meditation very similar to writing a story. I enjoy adding fantasy elements to my meditations. Having some kind of theme or storyline makes a meditation more engaging for children. I also like to add a beautiful picture to every meditation to illustrate what the meditation is about.

Of course Lenka and I are always considering how we can support children's emotions as well. She gives me a lot of useful advice and she patiently listens to every meditations before I share it with anyone!

Try the new meditations for yourself!

If you are already a user of Insight Timer, you can search for my profile on the app. I have a variety of meditations available on Insight Timer - all of them created specifically for children.

If you prefer to have your own copy of the meditation that you can download and keep, you are welcome to purchase the meditations of your choice from my online shop. Your link and password to access the meditation will be sent to you instantly as soon as you have completed your purchase.

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