caring stories for children

When I started working with play therapist Lenka in 2017, we immediately saw how we could help children by addressing emotional challenges through the stories that we worked on together. We wanted to create stories that would be helpful in everyday situations as well as in therapy.

Caring stories for children helps to develop empathy

Our stories help to develop empathy in children because they focus on feelings or emotions. They are particularly helpful if a child struggles with a specific emotion, such as anxiety, for example. But they are helpful in another way as well, even for children who do not struggle with a specific challenge.

Our stories  provide a starting-point for a discussion about different emotions. Talking about emotions help children to understand the emotions that another child, or even adult, may be feeling.

Understanding different emotions is a key skill in developing empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. By developing a deeper understanding of a wide range of emotions, a child is able to develop his/her ability to empathize with the feelings that another person might be feeling.

(Please click here to read an article that Lenka has written about the importance of developing empathy in children.)

Why caring is extra important to us

"Caring" is a value that is a part of who Lenka and I are and what we do. We strive to be deeply empathetic in our own lives, and in the work that we do to help children.

We care deeply about the messages that we share through our stories. The impact that our stories have on others, especially the children who we create them for, is very important to us.

Empathy and caring can be developed, and we wish to create books and stories that help children to develop these important skills.


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