I am now a qualified children’s yoga teacher!

I am now a qualified children's yoga teacher!

I am so happy and excited to share with you that I have completed my yoga for children teacher training. I am now a qualified children's yoga teacher!

When I started my yoga teacher training journey at the end of last year, I had no idea of the surprises that 2020 would bring for all of us. I completed the first module of my training in February. The lockdown in March interrupted the second half of my training. Luckily I was able to complete my training online. I even taught my first online class as part of my final exam!

I did my 100-level Foundation Teacher Training with Anja and Jani from Blissful Kids. Blissful Kids is a Yoga Alliance International certified school and my training is recognised by this International organisation.*

Why train as a children's yoga teacher?

I feel that yoga philosophy adds another helpful modality to the work that Lenka and I am doing together. Children's yoga offer helpful ways of moving and breathing that can help children with some of their challenges on the journey of growing up.

Yoga helps children to ground their energy and become present. Yoga poses offer a number of mental, emotional and physical benefits. (I will definitely be sharing an article on the benefits of yoga for children with you soon!) It is also tremendous fun and I look forward to creating a yoga story or two soon!

New opportunities to teach yoga to children

Although we are slowly moving towards more relaxed lockdown measures here in South Africa, I feel that I am being gently nudged away from in-person classes in favour of online classes.

I have decided to focus on practicing and developing my online teaching skills. This will enable me to connect with more children from all around the world.

Don't worry, I am already thinking about and planning some exciting in-person events with new friends as well! But for now these plans will have to wait until travelling becomes a little safer once again.

Please let me know if your little one needs a children's yoga teacher...

I am busy putting together some ideas for online yoga classes that I could teach to children, and I would appreciate your feedback very much! This way I will be sure to include class options that suit you and your little one(s)!

It would help me so much if you could take 5 minutes to complete the 7 short questions (8th question optional) by clicking on the button below!

*I will provide a copy of my certificate to all parents who sign their children up for my yoga classes.

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