Affirmation for children: Dealing with change

Affirmation for children: dealing with change

A positive affirmation for children: Dealing with change. Includes a suggested yoga pose to help children feel strong and brave.

I’ve been inspired to start sharing positive affirmations for children. Positive affirmations can be a powerful way for a child to internalize positive self-talk. It can also help them to start believing in themselves and their abilities.

I wanted to create an affirmation to accompany the meditation about coping with change that I have been working on. The affirmation needs to be as short and easy to remember as possible. I also wanted it to be fun, so I added some rhyme.

Affirmation for children: Dealing with change

The world is always changing but that’s all good. I know that I am strong and safe; that everything is happening exactly as it should.

The yoga pose in the picture can help a child to feel even stronger and braver.

Warrior II pose: a yoga pose for feeling strong

Suitable for children aged 5 and older.

Warrior pose is said to cultivate heroic strength in body and mind. In the beginning you may find this pose difficult, but with practice you will become a strong and brave warrior!

Before you give this pose a try, remember that you should stop immediately if a pose causes you to feel any pain. Don’t force your body to do anything Rather gently do what you can, keep practicing, and over time you will get it right!

To begin warrior pose, face to the front and stand with your feet as wide apart as you can manage without leaning forward or backward or feeling like you want to fall over. Keep your back straight and your shoulders back.

Lift your arms up so that they are in line with your shoulders. In the beginning it can be helpful to look in a mirror to make sure that your arms are straight and even.

Turn your one foot slightly outwards, and bend your knee. Your weight will shift slightly towards your bent knee, but take care to keep your body and arms straight and strong.

Be careful not to bend your knee too deeply, your knee should remain in a straight line above your ankle.

Hold the pose for a breath or two, then straighten up by straightening your bent knee. Repeat the pose on the other side.

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