Affirmation for children: I am special

Affirmation for children: I am special

To help you and your little one celebrate their uniqueness, I have created an "I am special" affirmation for children.

Nurturing the unique self-identity of every child is very important to me. I believe that every child should believe that he/she is special, because they truly are! Just think about all of the gifts that the next generation could bring to the world if they were free from the feelings of self-doubt that prevent so many adults to reach their full potential.

Affirmation for children: I am special

I am special because I am me, there’s no-one else I'd rather be.

Repeat this affirmation with your child as many times as necessary, until he/she feels that the message is true for them.

It is such a gift to be comfortable with who you really are. Sometimes I think that very small children know this, and then something happens as we grow up that makes us want to conform to our peers. As an adult it can take a long time to reconnect with your self-identity again. But what if it doesn't have to be this way? What if we can help our children to have such a strong sense of self that they don't need to spend years reclaiming their authentic self?

I've shared more thoughts about how we can support children to become their authentic selves in this post.

Meditations to support your child's individuality

I have two meditations available on Insight Timer that can help your child connect with what makes him/her special. The first is a mindful contemplation of the five senses, and how we each have different ways of connecting with the world through our senses. The second is a meditation to connect with your child's higher self and innate gifts.

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