Bedtime affirmation for children

Bedtime affirmation for children

A bedtime affirmation for children. Includes a recommendation for two bedtime meditations for peaceful sleep!

This week's affirmation is meant to help children sleep peacefully. Young children often go through a phase where they struggle with nightmares or fear of the dark. This affirmation can help a child to trust that they have nothing to fear and help them to become calm at bedtime.

Bedtime affirmation for children

I am loved so wide and so deep, that now I can rest and peacefully sleep.

Repeat this affirmation with your child as many times as necessary, until he/she feels that the message is true for them. These words become more and more self-affirming with every peaceful night of sleep your little one has.

Try a bedtime meditation

I have also had a lot of good feedback about my two bedtime meditations on Insight Timer. The one is a super short but effective meditation that is perfectly suited to very young children. The other is a longer version of this meditation, for older children or children who like to listen for a little longer.

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