The new protea logo: the start of a new chapter

Here, your Heart's new protea logo: the start of a new chapter

After a creative and meaningful break I am back with a gorgeous new protea logo for my business!

A few thoughts about the new protea logo

With the new logo design, I wanted to create a logo with meaning, with its roots right here in South Africa.

I decided on a protea flower, stylized into a heart shape. The colours of the protea, green and pink, is also associated with the heart chakra. This felt like a lovely way to keep all of the layers of meaning of this logo congruent.

Protea symbolism

The protea flower was named after Proteus, the son of the sea-god Poseidon. Proteus was a shapeshifter, and protea flowers was named after this deity because they can take on such a wide variety of forms.

With this mythological association, the protea symbolises magic, transformation, diversity and courage.

For those perhaps not familiar with protea flowers, the logo may look like a lotus. The protea is also known to some as the “African lotus”. This adds another welcome layer of meaning as the lotus flower is the symbol of spirituality, strength and beauty.

I think the new logo is a lovely way of communicating what is important to me with the world. I love the fact that it has many layers of meaning that connect with the business name; Here, your Heart.

And of course I have also written an article about the meaning of the name, Here, your Heart. If you’d like to read the article, where I also share a short but interesting video featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn, please click here.

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