A Jar full of stories – downloadable story prompts sheet

A Jar full of stories - downloadable story prompts sheet

Download our story prompts sheet and take turns to tell a story - a fun game with friends or the whole family!

Make your own story jar and enjoy fun family evenings where each person gets to make up a new story. This game can be enjoyed by anyone - regardless of age. Reading skills not required - an older child or adult can tell the younger players what the story prompt is. Actually the very young players often come up with the most marvelous stories!

Add a further fun element and ask each player to draw a picture from his or her story!

How to download and print your story prompt sheet

Click on the image (in the language of your choice) below to reveal an A4-sized, PDF sheet that you can download and print. Cut the different prompts into strips and fold. Now place the folded paper strips into a glass jar or a small box of your choice, and ask each player to select a story prompt. Let the fun of storytelling begin!

Hierdie aktiwiteit is in Afrikaans en Engels beskikbaar - kliek op die prentjie van jou keuse om die PDF-weergawe af te laai.

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