Make your own printable paper fortune teller!

Make your own printable paper fortune teller!

What better way to let someone know that you appreciate them than to say something encouraging to them with this lovely paper fortune teller?

First you will need to download and print your fortune teller in the language of your choice:

Find the printable file in English by clicking on the picture below:

Printable paper fortune teller - English

Vind die drukbare lêer in Afrikaans deur op die prentjie hieronder te klik:

Drukbare papier fortuinverteller - Afrikaans

Instructions for folding your printable paper fortune teller:

  1. Cut neatly along the dotted lines indicated around the outside edge of the fortune teller.
  2. Fold the square of paper in half and unfold. (It doesn't matter which way you fold the paper at this stage, your first two fold lines are just to guide you.)
  3. Fold the square of paper in half - using the other two sides - and unfold again.
  4. You should now have two fold lines crossing in the middle of your paper to guide your next folds.
  5. Place the paper with the un-printed side facing up in front of you. Fold each corner over to meet in the middle. (The folds should run across the diagonal lines made by the coloured blocks on the outside edges of the paper.) Once you have folded each corner over, you should now have all of the coloured  blocks facing you.
  6. Turn the paper over. You should see a square with all of the text "fortunes" facing you. Start to fold each corner to the center again. You should have the triangles with the numbers coming together on the side facing you.
  7. Once you have folded all four corners, turn the paper over again. The four blocks with the images of the animals on them should be on the other side. Carefully insert your fingers underneath the paper flaps/squares with the animal pictures on them. Nudge the paper until your paper fortune teller takes shape.
    Your paper fortune teller is ready for play!

How to play:

  1. Two players are needed. One person operates the fortune teller while the other answers the questions asked of him/her to hear their fortune.
  2. The person operating the fortune teller first asks the other person to pick an animal or colour from the four outside pictures. Their fingers are then moved inside the fortune teller to either count out the letters of the word spelling the colour (simpler) or name of the animal (more difficult) on the first block chosen.
  3. Next the person is asked to choose a number from the four that are displayed at the place the fortune teller stops (on the last count).
  4. The number is counted out again, by moving the fingers inside the fortune teller.
  5. The person is asked on more time to select a number from the ones displayed where the fortune teller stops. Lift up the flap to reveal the person's fortune under the number they chose!

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